A new Leonidio guidebook (and a rant)

Climbing, travel and other trifles

This is the review of the Leonidio guidebook. But since this it is also my blog and thus I can write whatever I want, you will first have to read my rant about hardly relevant things.

Part 1. Giorgos’ hardly relevant rant or what I have learned from my recent Leonidio trip.

  1. Lettuce is considered super posh in certain Peloponnesian mountain villages. If ordered by an Athenian person, the proper response of the waiter is “sorry boys, this is not Kolonaki”.
  2. Fasolada, Chestnuts, Gida Vrasti, Ocra. All have been promised. All have been denied. Cruel world.
  3. I really hope the guys at Freemeteo.com are climbers and they were at Leonidio on the weekend of the 28th.
  4. Priests trying to conjure rain are such freakin amateurs. Desperate farmers shall contact the people who have really fine tuned this kind of shit….The process is simple. First bolt some routes near your village…

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